2017-06-14 12:44:03

No information about updates Honda

Every day growing that the Union -Honda will fall apart before the end of the season. I think the last straw for the British was the race in Montreal, where Honda failed to fulfill the promise to upgrade its extremely unreliable and inefficient power plant.In the race out of the race for a few laps before the finish, and not earning almost one hundred percent of points. Director Eric bulge "it's Hard to find words to Express our frustration, our disappointment and our grief. It's just blatant, it's disgusting" "After 16 years of performing for me, this gathering does not mean anything, but we need to get points for the work of those men and who every day work in the factory on the machine.I have no information about the improvement of the . I don't work for Honda, and I'm not designers and efficient s. I'm very disappointed, because every year gives me a great car".



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