2017-07-07 10:34:03

Chase Carey 25 races will not be

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey said that the 25 races in the racing calendar in the coming years will not.Chase Carey "We will never offer to host 25 races. We have only discussed the possibility of more races, including an extra race in the US in new York or Miami.But 25, 23, 22 racing is impossible at the moment and not the point of the discussion. At the moment our focus is on 21 really made an impression on the viewer, made a splash".Previously a sports consultant to said "the 25 races is possible. But then we need two shifts of workers, who succeeded each other during the season. For us, the number of races is not important. We want to pilot, not an er, was in the middle of everything in . It is important that the dominance of the stopped. We want such things as the struggle of Hamilton with Vettel, spread to the whole peloton".



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