2017-07-17 10:54:04

Daniil Kvyat I want to know about the future steps of the team

Daniil Kvyat said that requires management to announce the development strategy .Daniil Kvyat "First of all, I appreciate the kind words of . I see no reason not to cooperate in the future, but I also want to get some answers."Interestingly, Kvyat's comments coincide with rumours that could switch to for Honda in 2018.Daniil Kvyat "If they have any plans, I want to know about it as soon as possible, because there comes a point in the season, when you really want to know what is waiting for you in the future.It would be nice to know about it as soon as possible, but I see no reason why we can't continue to cooperate. I think they understand that the sooner pilots get to know about your future, the more attention they can devote to their work".



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