2017-07-05 11:14:03

Formula 1 is preparing for changes in the rules on the engines

Now the championship lives only talk about that with the season 2020 in will introduce new s. Following a key meeting of the working group on the s will take place this week. And probably the next generation will be 1.6-litre V6 with two turbines and one KERS.The head of , Cyril Abiteboul "I think we made a reasonable offer. We are open to work with these technologies. But we also understand that should no longer be the domination of one manufacturer. We need electricity, but we also need to achieve the best balance between weight and power.The four-wheel drive is not a good idea because it will matically lead to weight gain. The problem with greater electrification stems from the fact that lost efficiency. Then you need to find the right middle. The hybrid is very good, but when it is not too much."It is believed that all manufacturers, already involved in and potentially joining the championship in 2020, I want to see new power plants with a capacity of 1,000 L.C., with a loud and cheap.



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