2017-07-27 11:24:04

Giancarlo Minardi it looks Like Ferrari is losing its influence

The former head of the eponymous Giancarlo Minardi believes that is struggling to use their influence among their own customers. But Haas has already announced that he was not going to listen to a in terms of pilots, refused to accept Antonio Giovinazzi for the season 2018.Giancarlo Minardi "If Giovinazzi not debuts next year, it will be a defeat for , their system of work with young pilots. I remain an optimist and want to think that it's only a step to maintain peace in the that works hard and achieves success.But it's a dead end. If Antonio's not debuting, then it will be seen that the pilots has not given any protection. has no more impact on their customers, but yet I refuse to think about such a scenario".In the meantime, Giovinazzi will hold Friday practice in the composition of Haas.



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