2017-07-31 16:14:03

Helmut Marko once again talked about the engines

Sports consultant to said that his really need to get a new , which will help to fight for victory. "From a technical point of view, our chassis is at a very high level compared to and . The s are continuously progressing and this means that this year will win one or two races.The point is that Max is among the best pilots in the world. It is too early to think about how he will react to a situation when you will be under the pressure of a real fight for the title, how will he behave according to the norms of their discipline. View.For us currently it is more important that the on the , there are independent manufacturers Aston Martin, , and Illien.What we see with Honda shows that even at very high financial and human costs it is impossible to succeed with these very complex rules s".



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