2017-07-24 11:24:02

Lewis Hamilton Fans want the second race in the UK

British pilot is confident that his are ready to support the race in . "I feel that the UK is home to . Here are the base of almost all s. Every racing weekend here just crowds of people in the stands. It would be a real shame for to lose the British . Moreover, a lot of people here spend a lot of money during the racing days.I don't believe we will lose the British , because the sports world will probably erupt. I will do everything in my power to convince Liberty that it is impossible to abandon the race.We have in the UK a lot of great trails, and we can use and other tracks. We used to have two in in. It would be cool to have one, the race was held on the stationary track and the second street ring."It is known that currently the company has plans Liberty of the race in .



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