2017-07-30 17:54:02

Max Verstappen I apologize to the team

The pilot of Max Verstappen in the race of finished fifth. In the first round he knocked out his own mate.Max Verstappen "I had a good , going behind Bottas, was watching him. When I went to turn on a great trajectory, I did not notice that next to Riccardo. Then I was just a passenger in his car.I don't want to clear , the more your mate. It's my fault, I apologize to him and the . We lost a lot of good points. I am ashamed of what happened.We had the speed to fight for the podium, but today it was difficult to overtake, and the penalty took a lot of time. Positive a lot today, if not for the gathering Riccardo. The balance was great, it was getting better and better".



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