2017-07-25 14:14:03

Ralf Schumacher Raikkonen can still win the race

The ex-pilot of Ralf has defended Raikkonen.While the Italian is not ready to leave Finn in 2018, there are reports that will agree to a new , but only if Raikkonen will receive a renewal of his .42-year-old has defended Raikkonen "as for talent, I think that is a brilliant pilot. He is already a , but can certainly do better.Given his age, he perfectly copes with his work. For it would be wise to keep it to yourself.This year he has a good car, but was stronger. I think it's perfect for Sebastian, but could still win the race. Let's see what happens next season.I must say that the became very interesting when and began to fight each other".It should be noted that Raikkonen, who in October will celebrate 38 years, is now the oldest pilot of the championship.



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