2017-07-30 10:14:03

Sauber does not preclude the pilot associated with Ferrari

Head Frederic Vasseur said that his is not yet ready to call the pilots for next year, but he is willing to consider proposals from the .Recall that at the moment it is associated with Honda and the possible deal the Japanese company with the Swiss pilot will the car after the Hungarian . Talking about Nobuharu Matsushita.Frederic Vasseur "We fulfill our obligations to Honda. Matsushita will have the opportunity to participate in the s" class="posttag">s. As for combat pilots next year, it is early to discuss this issue.We just signed a with , but the pilots are not part of the . However, we are ready to talk with Scuderia about the pilots in the coming weeks."Well, protege Antonio Giovinazzi a chance.



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