2017-07-29 09:04:03

Sebastian Vettel goes to Mercedes

has been associated with many about his transfer to the camp , but he seems happy to stay in, stressing on Thursday that his delay in signing a new deal was caused by the full concentration on the League. "Why do I delay I think the fact that we are fighting for the title, fight for every point, speaks for itself. About the to think.Summer will be a little more time, a couple of weeks, when not racing, but at the moment I believe that the main attention should be paid to work on the car.I'll work in the simulator, I will be a lot of time to spend on communicating with the . In the summer I enjoy not going.The can be signed quite quickly, so it's not a problem.As I said, I'm not in a hurry, I don't think the is also in a hurry. I have a good relationship with the , so I think they will be happy to see me and then next to him".



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