2017-07-23 21:04:02

Stoffel Vandorn Budapest - our chance

The pilot of Stoffel Vandorn believes that the race in Budapest can be successful for his in terms of fighting for points.Stoffel Vandorn "Budapest should be another good chance for us to earn points. Can you describe this track is like without the walls. There are so many twists, just a bunch of turns. You need a good chassis and good downforce on the ring, and I hope we can be more competitive than earlier this year.Getting into the top ten on the ing grid there were, maybe, a surprise for . But then again, it must mean that our chassis is working well at high speeds, once we were able to achieve this result. We were able to work close to and on this track is a positive. After we were disappointed that you did not miss points, but simply are unable to fight for them".



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