2017-07-11 10:44:06

Williams is fighting off attacks by Jacques Villeneuve

The season champion-1997 believes that lance Stroll undeservedly received the privilege to participate in private s" class="posttag">s. "It's not fair to the other pilots, because he's the only one who received this privilege due to their money."We will remind, 18-summer Stroll held private s" class="posttag">s in Austin shortly before his first podium in Baku.Deputy head Claire "we Have no information on whether this practice of private s" class="posttag">s continue in the future. I do not think that these s" class="posttag">s we have to be open. We are not obliged to invite to such s" class="posttag">s and read about them in the press.The purpose is to simply familiarize yourself with and the nuances of flying. So the pilot without anyone or anything".



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