2017-08-13 01:04:04

Christian Horner Formula 1 at the crossroads of choosing a new engine

Head believes that is facing a serious choice in which the championship should help the Formula. "a Whole galaxy of s rushed into Formula E, and this gives us a chance to return to the classics of the s of in the future.Formula-E - platform for the development of future technologies. Porsche, , , Audi, Jaguar is much more manufacturers than .The cost of the work in the Formula-E is now 5 percent of the in , so I can imagine that manufacturers of machines for the masses are in the Formula, such as , Aston and Lamborghini, pay attention to the Formula-1. This is their place.So I see that the championship is at a crossroads. If you believe a policy, we'll all be driving EVS in 2030, so the Formula-1 should be pure racing, a competition of the best pilots in the world with internal combustion s.I conducted a survey on one of the s of , and all welcomed my opinion when I said we want to go back to V10. I doubt we'll do it. We have to settle for bi-turbo V6, but the sound is the key. Of all critics of the current s the most important thing for is the sound.



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