2017-08-13 01:04:05

Engineers Renault Kubica had no problems with the machine 2017

ers have raised the bar of expectations that could indeed return to .Ricardo Pintado, lead er at , said that any doubts about the ability of Kubica to run a modern car disappeared during the Hungarian s" class="posttag">s.Ricardo Pintado "You can forget this question - it has no problems with aerobatics hybrid cars.Robert was fast, but the most important thing that Kubica did not have fuel on one lap. His tank was covered in a series of circles, so the speed could be higher.More, what is striking is the number of laps he spent on - the equivalent of two races. And it was in 40 degree heat and Robert got out of the car, complaining of fatigue.He didn't have any problems with the wheel. We wanted to give him a lot of changes to steering, but he refused almost everything. Robert did everything as in normal times".



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