2017-08-23 11:34:05

Fernando Alonso I Love the first after the holiday race

The pilot of has said that eagerly awaits the opportunity to return behind the wheel. "I love the first after the summer break race It's an incredible feeling when you go back to work, feeling rested, relaxed and loaded, and ready to fight for their goals. I enjoy spending time with family and friends, worked hard and now look forward to returning to the car.As the season continues, we become stronger and stronger, and, hopefully, the second half of the year will bring us even more points. in - a difficult task for an entire of ers and mechanics, as you pass the gas to the floor almost three quarters of the circle, making a serious for the machine and the pilot. We know that we have a lot of work to achieve a positive result, but the lap here is long, and there are plenty of places for overtaking".On account of 13 races Alonso in . Three times the niard was on the podium, but not higher than the second step.



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