2017-08-22 13:04:03

Haas will be working in a Spa with Brembo brakes

Director Haas Gunther Steiner confirmed that his during the of Belgium will work with the braking system Brembo.We will remind that from-for constant problems with overheating and brake failure forced the all the time to change suppliers, choosing the best options for different types of tracks.Gunther Steiner "In we will work with Brembo. At least let's the weekend with them, but we'll see. That is our plan at the moment - work with Brembo.We are still working on the data obtained during the last in the wind tunnel. This will allow us to understand if we bring a new package of upgrades in Japan or in the United States. It seems that we can prepare even some unique upgrades specifically for the of the USA".



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