2017-08-25 11:14:03

Halo rules introduced too late

Engineers of is concerned that the official rules for Halo announced too late, as the machine of the season-2018 are in full swing.Auto Motor und Sport reports that the device protecting the driver's head not only looks unsightly, but will have a big impact on the design of the cars next year from the point of view of aerodynamics and weight.Michael Schmidt "the Exact rules for the Halo will only be available from September".Technical Director of the green "it's Too late. From the point of view of the monocoque the time ends".Technical Director James Ki "the Center of gravity will rise now, and the weight distribution will move forward.We also need to strengthen the sides of the monocoque load, and this means that in the appropriate places will be used another structure of carbon".However, , fearing pros" class="posttag">s from the s made it possible to form the upper part of the Halo at its discretion.James Key "It will help to minimize the disadvantages of aerodynamics".



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