2017-08-15 23:04:03

Herbie Blush too Early to write of the Ecclestone from the accounts

Former Deputy Director of the Herbie Blache noted that the new management has made significant progress in the work on the championship, but don't tell that just quietly left.Herbie Blache "it is too early to say that just left and will not return. Yes, the Liberty did a great job with what he found opportunities to work with social networks. It was not . Open world is better for .said himself that his role was to earn money, and he was a key figure related to the CVC. He perfectly coped with its task, since the sport was sold for as much as he was worth. It is worth to stay in front of Bernie's hat.But was not working for the , he worked for the company CVC. The current owners have come up with a different way of thinking. Everything happens in the right direction. But do not forget about Bernie. He may come back".



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