2017-08-13 00:54:03

Nico Rosberg confident Mercedes

Champion of the season in 2016 Rosberg is not confident that can beat in 2017.Rosberg " did a great job in the winter. But now it is a race of development, and I find it hard to believe that will be able to keep up with the Germans. After I thought "this is it", but was surprised to see how again fighting in . But will again be a real track for , and are unlikely to get the chance.We know that Vettel is sometimes not in control of his emotions. In the past year, we've seen it in Mexico. But this emotion is the force of Sebastian. In the short term it may seem like a weakness, but throughout the season, this feature can actually change the situation.He is always ready to win, and it can't hurt the fight for the title of champion".



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