2017-08-23 11:24:04

Niko Spa - one of my favorite tracks

The pilot of 's Hulkenberg admitted that he is experiencing love for circuit de -Francorchamps.Hulkenberg "It's one of my favorite tracks, and, of course, is the best place in the world for racing. The forest here is magnificent, the magical, and the circuit is integrated into an amazing landscape. There are many changes of elevation, but the main highlight of the route is the turn Eau Rouge.On this track quite a lot of turns, but this is the longest track in the racing calendar. It is important to achieve the right balance of the car, as to gather a good circle is hard. I like the sector average, it is aerobatic, it is pleasant to pass on the car of Formula-1.Weather in , often brings a lot of surprises, let's see what the race would be this time."On account of Hulkenberg five races at . Best result - 4th place in and 2016.



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