2017-08-06 22:54:03

Oliver Rowland I'm second in line at Renault

Rowland believes that he is candidate number two for a place in immediately after the of .Rowland "Robert has a huge financial support, and that's all I really want to see him in . I find it very difficult to fight him for a place in the .As for the other contenders, Nicolas my mate in , therefore, all evident from the results of this series. If he gets ahead of me in the championship, will take my place on the way to Formula-1. Everything is simple.Sirotkin has performed in last year and finished third, but I'd like to think I make their job a little better. We were also mates in the World series by , and then I was ahead of him.I do not consider myself the best, and the second candidate after Robert. I respect him for the accomplishments he has achieved previously. I would like to see him again in . If not me, then Robert is the best option".



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