2017-08-13 00:44:03

Physiotherapist Rosberg believes that Kubica can return

Schlosser was a former physical therapist Rosberg, but now, after the departure of the German in , it works with a pilot with Nikita Mazepin. believes that the injured hand should not be an obstacle to return to .Schlosser "he's still very good muscles in his right arm, only the mobility is not much. But everything is in the style of aerobatics. For example, Rosberg always felt a strong tension in their wrists, so he had to t his hands, but the other pilots behave differently with the wheel due to the different techniques of flying. was one of these pilots, as does Kubica. They've never had to t in the same way as others. Instead of pushing to the right, you can pull the lever on the left side. And, depending on the technique, it can be even more effective in the turns.In he worked a very difficult program at high temperatures that it was difficult for some young drivers. Anyone who can handle it, can spend a whole without any problems".



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