2017-08-16 08:14:05

Pilots unhappy with the extra weight of Halo

While most focus on the aesthetics of the machines season 2018, another feature security Halo much more substantial. It is about 10 pounds overweight will have machines with the introduction of head protection.Now the machine weighs 728 kg, but the will allow next year to raise the bar just for 5 kg This means that pilots will have to lose another 5 kg of weight. "You can't ignore Halo if the system will enhance safety by 17. Yes, all looks horrible, and the extra weight will add to the problems". "We should not be so slender as cyclists, just because of the requirements for the car".Niki Lauda "Halo will ruin the DNA of "Valtteri Bottas "I don't think Halo will hurt . This improvement in safety is good for us, pilots. The only drawback is the weight, because the heavier the car, the less exciting the race".



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