2017-08-01 10:04:03

Sauber will be a Junior Ferrari team

Chairman Sergio Marchione admitted that can become a kind of a Junior .Sergio Marchione "Engines for is a way to create a kind of a Junior for our young pilots. We have two great young talent, but to ensure the future of , we need to be able to teach them. We need a place for them, so it is a great idea and we're working on it.Maurizio Arrivabene worked a lot on this project, and I want to say that in accordance with the decisions of Liberty Media, we are ready to increase the number of customers for our s.In and we will try again to land Giovinazzi in the car during Friday's practice. And now he works in the simulator, helping ".Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles LeClair - two contender for a place in the in the season of 2018.



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