2017-08-20 18:14:03

The head of Formula 1 I would like to see four races in the United States

The head of Formula-1 chase Carey stated that he would like to see in the racing calendar Royal races, four in the USA.Chase Carey "I think it would be nice to see the calendar of the race in new York, Miami, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We have interest in each of these cities, but we are not going to do so that these cities were competing against each other. Look, we are going to discuss the matter publicly.We want to find the right platform with the right s, the right opportunity, the right place and the right type of events that will capture the imagination of people.I think the proper way to hold these discussions. We wish they were real s, we are not just trying to make a deal. We really want to achieve ships.These events are the face of the sport, and I think it's important for us to have an event that is what makes this sport special. So we want to reflect on the conduct of races in American cities."There was one season in the early 1980s, when three races held in the United States.



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