2017-08-04 13:24:03

Valtteri Bottas I'd be angry if Lewis didn't miss me.

driver Valtteri Bottas has admitted he would be angry with if he didn't missed it in .Valtteri Botts "Not every mate would have done it when it comes on the podium, but, on the other hand, I'd be angry if Lewis agreed to the deal.The from the outset made it clear that both of us respected equally. We get the same equipment, we do not divide by numbers, and I've always trusted this policy. I'm fighting for the ship, the situation applies to my own career.I don't want to be in the shadow of Lewis. And Yes, I can become a this year. There are still nine races, and I think you can stay ahead of Lewis and Sebastian - I've done it this year.I am getting better and better. For me there is no limit. I would never say that one of my opponents better than me. I believe in myself".



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