2017-09-10 17:44:03

A system of fines incomprehensible

Pressure is growing on the leadership of the , because the current system of fines for technical failures of machines incomprehensible to the General public.In the name of reducing costs, pilots are punished by penalties of deprivation places on the ing grid. This happens when they overstep the limit of the permitted number of parts during the season.The ex-pilot Jochen Mass "Moving down the grid for the replacement parts - it is unclear to me. This part of the car, and when they break, they need to be replaced. We've all seen the chaos in , where many pilots were punished.Sports Director of the Ross Brawn "We will consider it in upcoming meetings. So we promised Zhat Todt. To find a solution will be difficult, but by 2021 we have time.We hope to find a solution before the introduction of the new generation of s in 2021. Why Because I think the current system is very unpopular with the . We need to find a better way".



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