2017-09-24 17:54:03

Bob Fearnley We need a clear understanding of the rules

Clear rules on the s and innovations of Liberty in are still there, and s to get nervous about this. Deputy head of the Bob Fearnley was one of the first statements on this score.Bob Fearnley "I'm disappointed in some way. We talked a lot on this topic and offered many ideas. But when it's been nine months, we would like to have taken more effort on the part of managers to address all those thoughts.The program for the s needs to be completed because it is the cornerstone program of cost control. Cost control needs to be very clear, as all the s have to react to it, building their s.The clock is ticking and very little time remained until the following year. I was hoping that we will see something now, at least, the Foundation, the basis, the direction of where we're going, but we don't get anything from the Liberty".



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