2017-09-07 13:54:03

Jacques Villeneuve Kvyat doesn't deserve a place in Formula 1

Champion 1997 criticized Daniil Kvyat. The canadian believes that the Russian pilot doesn't deserve a place in Formula-1. "Daniil Kvyat is good ed his career in , but then if rested on the wall. Don't understand what happened when he moved to . He spent two or three good races, with much risk. He was initially lucky, but it can't last forever. In the end, it was removed from , and it was a blow from which he never recovered.Now Kvyat is far behind Sainz, while he often makes stupid mistakes. All his penalties are stupid. He's not progressing, he told us the same level as in the first race behind the wheel of a .Wonder if Kvyat's career will be over soon. Might keep it just because they need a pilot from Russia. But it's clear that Kvyat doesn't deserve a place in Formula-1. If they need a Russian driver, you should pay attention to Artem Markelov".



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