2017-09-25 15:04:03

Marcus Ericsson could lose a place in the Sauber

Chapter Frederic Vasseur said pilot Marcus Ericsson is not guaranteed a place, despite the fact that he is associated with owners.Frederic Vasseur in an with Auto Motor und Sport "I Think it is worth building a around one pilot just because he has good communication with the owners. Obviously, we need to talk to the owners about what's good for Marcus, and what suits the ."And here is Pascal Wehrlein, a career supported by , can keep his place in the .Frederic Vasseur "Pascal knows our situation, and I knew him in the . We need pilots who will be fast on and can push the forward."At the same time, Vasser confirmed that the place in expect Antonio Giovinazzi and Charles Leclere, graduates of the Academy of .Frederic Vasseur "This issue we will discuss with in the near future. Initially, we wanted to determine the supplier, and then to solve the issue with the pilots".



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