2017-09-02 00:04:03

McLaren is negotiating with Renault

In the do not lose hope to find a replacement for the Honda s. In , the leadership of the British held talks with the representatives of .As reported by Sky Sports, the were held in the home. was represented by the President of the sports division, Jerome Stoll, head of French , Cyril abiteboul and sports consultant . Also present at the meeting were Ross brown, sports Director of the .Earlier, said it was willing to supply s to , if cooperation with the French minders will refuse a customer, for example, the . It is known that in the considered the possibility of switching to Honda s, but the with the Japanese have stalled.The situation is commented by Zac brown, the head of the "the Situation is difficult. In this puzzle of many parts, which are beyond the control of . We may have to make one of the most difficult in the history of the decisions.Time was running short to mid-September, we need to determine the supplier of s".



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