2017-09-01 11:44:04

Roman Grosjean In Monza we will not be able to do better

Haas pilot Grosjean said that in Italy his will not be able to perform much better than in Belgium.Grosjean " could be one of those tracks where we will not be able to improve the lap times compared to last year. It will be fun, although the long straights and low downforce always been our problem. But turns Lesmo and the Ascari Chicane must succumb.One of the positive aspects - the ability to overtake. Turns 1, 3, 8, and Parabolic - the best place for overtaking in the braking.I think that is the key to success at this track. Let's see what we will be able to achieve. In the atmosphere is crazy. Tifosi, the - they are just gorgeous. The track is surrounded by a Park. There is constantly a lot of people coming to watch the race".



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