2017-09-04 16:14:02

The deal of the season Alonso, Sainz, Renault, McLaren, Red Bull and Honda

During the of Italy clarified the details of a possible transaction season in which three s, one manufacturer and two nish pilot.It seems that are determined to get rid of the Honda s. The leadership of the British was interested in collaborating with , and in the course of stages in Belgium and Italy held talks with the French side. is ready to work with , if only one client will be less. It is for this reason offer to move to Honda s. It is also interested in the leadership of the championship, from the person participates in the , the sports Director of a Ross Brawn.For the rupture of relations with the requires at the .If get rid of the Honda, , in his words, ready to prolong the with the .This week may be followed by the first statement.



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