2017-09-20 11:04:05

Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas is not "number two"

Toto Wolff, Valtteri Bottas is not

Head of said that he still will not use Valtteri Bottas as the pilot number two.Hamilton won the last three races and achieved a 28-point advantage in the fight for the title. Valtteri Bottas during this time scored only 33 points. "Yes, Valteri was a bit confused lately. It is difficult to understand the reasons. Maybe he's just hard to set up the machine. Or maybe Hamilton is more familiar with the concept car.I think the chances of Lewis winning the championship higher than Valtteri. As before, we will assess the situation, but the situation is becoming clearer after every race.I don't want to say that one pilot is "number one", because it can affect the motivation of the second pilot. I mean other pilots".



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