2017-09-05 11:14:02

Valtteri Bottas is ready to become number two

driver Valtteri Bottas is ready to become the second nroeram in the , if you will lose all chances for the title.Valtteri Bottas "as a pilot it is very difficult to accept, but I'm a member of a and we work as a . So if in some point of the championship it will happen, and I was asked to do something like that, Yes. Although I hope that this will not happen.But let me explain something to you. There is a way to avoid this situation. All in my hands. Right now I'm fighting for the title, so a couple of times if I won, I would be the leader of a . As I said, it depends on me."After a stage in Italy Valtteri Bottas loses out to by 41 points.



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