2017-10-10 16:54:04

At the end of October, the FIA will introduce new regulations on the engines of Formula 1

31 Oct and the Formula-1 are going to introduce on the s, which will come into force from 2021.As informs German edition Auto Motor und Sport, the new s should be cheaper, easier, and at the same time significantly louder. It is expected that there will be an independent supplier of s, for example, or Ilmor. Many of the elements of the power plant will become standard, which will reduce the cost of their development.It is known that in the discussion of the new , in addition to the involved, Audi, , Porsche, Lamborghini and Alfa Romeo, as well as several independent companies.In addition, on 7 November, the leadership of the championship will introduce the concept of a cap . Some of the limitations can be introduced in 2019.



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