2017-10-22 12:14:04

Fernando Alonso to Be in the top ten is a surprise

The pilot of at the end of qualifying the of the United States was on 9th position. "we had some problems, so we did not know how we can be fast. But the managed to achieve incredible results. We immediately began to fight for places in the top ten, which was a pleasant surprise. We also brought some updates here and they work fine.Today, the car worked great. For us there were difficult conditions in qualifying it was very hot and windy and the grip level was lower than we expected. In these conditions, our car is working very well, so our lap in the second round was good and we were able to get to the finals, there is a fight for ninth place.Tomorrow we'll be eighth because of a penalty Verstappen, so I think it's a great chance to score points.We know that we still have a on the straights compared to the other s, and we're probably a little lose in the first round, but after that we will work on holding the position. We are definitely excited to race under the American flag and in front of the local , and I think they will see a great race".



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