2017-10-03 11:14:03

Gunther Steiner defends the "bad boy" Magnussen

Gunther Steiner defends the

Director Haas Gunther Steiner defended the Danish driver Kevin Magnussen, whom the press have dubbed the "bad boy".In Magnussen live rude Hulkenberg after he called Kevin the most unsporting driver in . And agreed with this statement after the in . The niard called Magnussen's an idiot after a collision at Sepang. "More or less pilots agree that Kevin behaves on the road like an idiot. Against him 19 pilots."Gunther Steiner "Alonso is a very charismatic and skilled pilot. And if someone will face with him, so he responds. I think they both went to the limit of the possible, and what the people want.Every pilot must go through a hard time and deserve respect. If you ever get out of the way, people think through you can just pass through. Thus, you'll be protected until you overdo it.So, even if he will get a bit of a bad reputation, he can turn around later".



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