2017-10-27 13:04:03

Igor Ermilin Williams - last chance for Daniel quata

In the refused the services of Daniil Kvyat. According to Igor Ermilina, former adviser to the President of the Russian mobile Federation, is it still possible to get a seat in the . However, there is a title sponsor takes a pilot over the age of 25.Igor Ermilin in an with Sport-Express "the Formula-1 world is very hard. There quite willingly allow themselves to terminate s in the interests of business. If they are well written, with relevant otstupny. It is important that now had a free hand. He now has time to try to negotiate with , other jobs anymore. However, he's not the only candidate for this place.For sponsor age Kvyat will not be a serious limitation, and they can negotiate. He's old enough. The timing is good that it happened now when there is still a chance. Quite in the manner of would make such a statement at the end of the season, then it would be too late.Sure Kvyat will race in next year, he is a fast driver and proved it. And your ability to handle stress he checked in the hassle, which he last year and a half satisfied with Dr. Marco. And continues to consistently perform, and proved at the of the United States. He's a valuable frame, I'm sure that is able to verify, for example, in . Perhaps he will be interested in the program SMP , was created to support Russian s. And Kvyat is now definitely need support".



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