2017-10-13 12:54:03

Manual Mercedes in no hurry to celebrate the title of Hamilton.

Manual refuses in advance to note the title of season 2017. Before the end of the season is just four races, while is already a lead of 59 points. "Everything can happen in these races. You can never be sure of anything. This year we saw one of the most difficult Championships in the world for a long time, and now we need to continue to do everything that the season was successful for us.Our car has never failed us, but the Scuderia has shown that anything can happen and very quickly. In the races unpredictability is the main factor that always something can happen, and you need to play 100 points. We won't take your foot off the gas until you get your title.Niki Lauda "Suzuka has been an incredible step forward. But the title is still not in our pocket.But now the situation looks better and easier for us. Our car looks better when going ahead. If you have to catch up, aerodynamics is not the best way".



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