2017-10-10 11:24:02

Pierre went Out still not approved to race in Austin

It is not clear whether Pierre went Out to play for in Austin next week.The representative of "it's Clear that Daniil Kvyat will definitely be in Austin for our , but who will be his - an open question".Pierre went Out "Until now I have not received any evidence either from , no Franz Toast about how events will unfold in the next two weeks.I saw some documents that I will be in Austin, but has yet to officially can not say anything until I speak with Marco. I'm interested in both options race in Japan Superformula and the race in Austin.If I fight for the title of Superformula, and then go back to Mexico and finish the season with - it will be the best option for me.But if I will race in Austin and then the rest of the season with the Italian , it is also not going to complain. Next week all will be confirmed".



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