2017-10-24 10:24:03

Sergio Marchionne has denied rumors of resignation Arrivabene

After a series of disastrous races for , it was rumored that Maurizio Arrivabene may lose his post. But the President of the Scuderia Sergio Marchione denied this information.Sergio Marchionne "We really are, we become stronger as a . We have not so many problems as last year. If I were in the beginning of the year said that we will fight for the title, I would have laughed.But for most of the season we have been a reliable competitor to the . This recognition of the work of the , so let's not go and speak about the changes and layoffs.Stability is important to us, so we signed and SEB. For us stability is important at all levels of work.I spoke with Arrivabene and Vettel, and they're still focused on the fight. They believe. They need the support, because the chance to win the title is now less than 50 percent. But can't give up".



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