2017-10-14 12:44:03

Susie Wolff is confident in the victory of Vettel

Former reserve pilot Suzie Wolff believes that is in great shape, but can still win.Susie Wolff "Lewis is very relaxed this year, and you can see how he likes the battle with . In recent years, it was always only against his mate that difficult. He is now in much better shape.In my opinion, Vettel was just unlucky. The is a very fast car, and I can imagine that the race for the title will remain open until the last. If you look at how far last year was to this purpose, it becomes clear what a huge step forward they made.Ahead of us a couple of tracks that do not resemble to a greater or lesser extent a or . It's not like last year where it was quite clear what would happen, so I think we will see an interesting battle".



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