2017-10-04 10:24:05

The success of Honda make McLaren look silly

The head of Zac brown admits that the management will look foolish if Honda will make a huge step forward in 2018.After three years of unsuccessful work with a Japanese company refused to cooperate with Honda by signing a new with .Zach brown "Obviously, if Honda winning in 2018, but we don't, then we'll look stupid. But I think the one who makes the big decisions, should be able to take se decisions.I think that in the moment when you take any decision, always there is an element of "what if I'm wrong". But I think that everyone has contributed to this decision, it was a group. Have given it difficult.It's like napolis. Some of them said, "What if the race in will be our good opportunity" But, fortunately, Alonso drove well in the United States, and Jenson button ed the race from the pit lane. We must look forward, not backward".



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