2017-10-25 11:44:03

Vettel defends Arrivabene after hearing about the dismissal

The pilot has supported its leader Maurizio Arrivabene after that it should be fired from the . "In the past Maurizio has often been criticized, but he's good at his job and he was a real leader."The head of Sergio Marchionne also said that the about the resignation Arrivabene is not true.Sergio Marchionne "Maurizio is not responsible for problems with the car. And Mattia, Maurizio involved in this process in equal shares. To look for the culprit pretty stupid right now. Technically, as CEO, I am also to blame.It is important that problems are solved and we move forward. Three Asian trails was the sum of failure events, and the likelihood of recurrence in the future is low. We solved this problem by inviting an expert from outside. We know how to continue to fight for victory".



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