2017-11-04 13:54:03

Chapter Haas We are too early to switch to a new car

Director Haas Gunther Steiner admitted that his may be too early switched to work with the machine for the season-2018, which results in the last races fell.Gunther Steiner "We made the decision to switch to the car of 2018, because he wanted to make some fundamental changes that would be unable to migrate 100 percent out of this car.If you look at the results, we stopped development too early. Should we have to do this I don't know. The result we will see only in February, when check, was it worth the effort or not.Right now we have a good model of a new car, but I don't know how we'll be able to move from the aerodynamic tunnel on a real track. We learn only when we will see all on ".



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