2017-11-19 11:44:06

Hamilton will not change your number for the League edinichku

driver , ahead of schedule has become this year's champion, refused to change his number "44" on the champion's unity. "I don't plan to change his number 44 is my family. This is really weird, and I think every pilot knows your lucky number. Even my dad in his youth had chosen this room, and now he's mine.I have a picture with "43" on my car when I was still a young pilot. But this room was not mine because some kid just stole my. I remember when mark Blundell was on and handed out the trophies to the winners. It was the first time I saw the pilot of .I think I will only use the number "44". You know, as the defending champion, have the right to use the number "1" instead of "44," but I don't really like this room. This room was different people, but most of all I remember . This is his number. I can't take someone else's number."In and 2016. Hamilton had number "44" that although he had the right to "1".



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