2017-11-27 12:04:04

Honda wished success to McLaren

The race in Abu Dhabi was the last for the Union -Honda. finished 9-m, Stoffel Vandorn - 12. After the finish of Japanese ists wished the British success.Yusuke Hasegawa, Honda "the Last race was very emotional. At the same time, we have achieved relative success both cars got to the finish, and Fernando earned points. In the last races we have not had reliability issues that, given the difficult to the season, can be considered a success.The last three years have been challenging, but I have to Express my admiration for the pilots and members of -Honda. I also want to thank all the who have supported us.Honda is now concentrating on the season of 2018. We will do our best to have pre-season s" class="posttag">s to solve all the problems. And we wish the of 's success with a new ".



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