2017-11-18 10:14:03

Jacques Villeneuve does not believe in the return of Kubica

Champion 1997 has questioned the ability of successfully return to next year. "we are Talking not only about the upcoming s" class="posttag">s, when he will have to get out of the car with a set of Halo that is already difficult enough for a guy.How about the of the race, when he will have to sharply deviate from other machines I doubt he can do it with one hand. From my own experience I know that it is almost impossible.I think the need to think carefully about whether to allow the race pilot with an injury or not. He can initiate accidents. Kubica himself also need to think carefully about whether he wants this.It is not about playing cards, he is responsible to his colleagues. The same applies to . If there is a serious accident, the responsibility will be very great."Informed negatively about the idea of the return of Kubica spoke ex-pilot and former technical Director of the British Patrick head.



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